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Intermediate - Private Equity Masterclass

The intermediate course is designed for those with work experience in and beyond the financial sector – including middle to senior managers, analysts, and back office personnel. These include CEOs, head of business units and decision-makers who have dealt with Private Equity firms. This course also deep-dives into the types of PE investments, due diligence and company analysis.  

Intermediate Details
Programme     Session 1 – Definition

  • Definition
  • Size, Structure & importance
  • Fees & Partners
  • Exercises
  • Case Study
Session 2 – Process

  • Types of Private Equity Investments
  • Processes involved
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment Documents
  • Monitoring
  • Exit strategy
Session 3 – Analysis

  • Company analysis including positioning
  • Analyse financial models of invest companies
  • Evaluating management team
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