Asset managment academy

Our Methodology

FP-Training employs a non-theoretical methodology which includes interactive discussions, case studies and interactive assignments to understand the concepts’ applicability in current economic environments.

Beginner's Masterclass

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a young professional in Finance, Business, Economics, or even Law, a solid grasp of Private Equity (PE) is essential in today’s corporate world. This course is filled with practical examples and real-world case studies of, to help you gain a solid understanding of the definition, structure, and types of PE investments.

Intermediate's Masterclass​

The intermediate course is designed for those with work experience in and beyond the financial sector – including middle to senior managers, analysts, and back office personnel. These include CEOs, head of business units and decision-makers who have dealt with Private Equity (PE) firms. This course also deep-dives into the types of PE investments, due diligence and company analysis.

Advanced Masterclass

The advanced course caters for professionals currently in the Private Equity (PE) sector looking to further develop their understanding and skills. It covers in-depth techniques of valuation, capital structure, negotiation agreements and exit opportunities.

Our Trainers

All our trainers go through a rigorous selection process and possess both strategic and tactical experience in the financial sector. All three courses are conducted by selected consultants with more than 20+ years of industry experience, with some of the world’s leading business institutions, specialising in corporate finance, investment banking and private equity.

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