Asset managment academy

The Funds Industry

FP-Training seeks to create a sustainable eco-system of qualified individuals in the Funds industry, especially for Fund Administrators. We explain the industry as a whole and how does this training course fill in the gap in the field through education. Moreover, we aim to encourage individuals to explore the vastness of the Funds industry – in the areas of the different asset classes, the traditional roles and evolution of fund administrators and career options!

Compensation Info

The financial services has always offered attractive compensation packages – salaries, staff welfare benefits, bank holidays, individual corporate-exclusive packages, etc. This is no different in the career of a Fund Accountant, where typically the compensation ranges are dependent on which asset class you are knowledgable of and equipped with.

Entry & Exit Opportunities

Now that you are equipped with industrial and compensation knowledge, you must be wondering what avenues can you look into to give a shot at this industry. FP-Training shares the typical backgrounds of what makes a great Fund Accountant and the career options there are as one progresses. Alternatively, if you are looking to make a switch in skillsets, what oher forms of career can one transfer their understanding and pick up a new skill?

FP-Training 2020