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About FP Training

FP-Training seeks to create a sustainable eco-system that not only generates employment, but ensures the continual growth and efficiency of fund management through a qualified talent pipeline that is market-ready.

Educate and empower fresh graduates and young professionals to rethink their career options and discover employment within the funds industry by better understanding the roles, progression, and routes to entry.

Broaden skill-sets for existing finance professionals to pivot laterally and explore greater prospects outside their sector. Our tailor-made courses enable you to re-calibrate your existing experiences to become an asset in the funds industry.

Deepen understanding for fund professionals who wish to further develop themselves within the industry though technical knowledge or advanced business rationale. Our courses are designed to keep you competitive and relevant.

Avenue of Opportunities

The number of Private Equity funds expected to sub-contract their fund administration services to a third-party by 2018 (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

A fund administrator’s potential market opportunity and revenue gain by 2018 (PWC)

Global Assets Under Management (AUM) by 2025 (PWC, 2017)

Our Credentials

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