Asset managment academy

Our Methodology

FP-Training employs a non-theoretical methodology which includes interactive discussions, case studies and interactive assignments to understand the concepts’ applicability in current economic environments.

What makes us different?

1. Practical, Hands-on Experience

​Our lecturers and resident experts have a minimum of 20 years’ experience in which includes fund administration, investment banking, capital markets and asset management, at regional internationally renowned institutions. We’re connecting you with people whose opinions count, from those who really make the deals happen and those who implement those deals. You want to get ahead? You need the behind-the-scenes advantage we’re offering.

2. Holistic Perspectives with Real-World Relevance

Since our speakers come from a vast array of backgrounds and experience in the sectors, they will be able to offer a holistic, totally comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end investment process. Additionally, they’ll be able to provide you with personal accounts of their own practical experience and success stories, and offer hands on experience on the rationale and thought process in the investment cycled coupled with detailed back office industry standard techniques, to include valuation models and accounting methodologies. We will also have fund managers lecturing to inform you of the compensation scales, performance fee methodologies, organizational culture, recruitment process, and working expectations.

3. Without the Clutter

With no prior industry knowledge, we’ll have you feeling like an expert by the end. We minimize the use of technical jargon, provide direct answers to your complex questions, and give you the details on the inside that will be invaluable to your career. It is our goal to aid in your understanding of these specialized sectors so you can make the most informed decisions on your future, whilst being armed with an infallible artillery.

FP-Training 2020